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Forma Adventure Boots

Forma Adventure Boots
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Forma Adventure Boots - NEW LOWER PRICE

The Forma Adventure Boots are one of our favorite Adventure Touring and Dual Sport boots. Adventures have more support at the ankle, and are taller than other ADV boots we have, at 13.25". Yet, they are softer in the midsole (the exact opposite of the Gaerne Balance Oiled...), and lighter in weight (2.86 lbs for size 11s) and thus also easy to walk in. They are super comfortable, with a nice, wide fit.

Details.....Adventures have plastic toe protectors on BOTH sides. Buckles are easy to use, even with gear on. They will accept MX style knee / shin guards. Soles are molded on, and are MUCH grippier than most ADV boots, easier to walk on wet stuff, etc. Under pants, they almost look like hiking boots. Most important, they are made in Europe, and their quality reflects this.

FIT: As always, we recommend you survey 3 - 4 pairs of your casual, athletic, or hiking shoes (not moto boots) for the EU SIZE (not US size, and get an average. Forma Adventures run wide, but not long.

BOMBER Recommended.

• Full-grain oiled Nubuck leather upper
• Waterproof and breathable Forma Drytex lining
• Lugged double density anti slippery/oil resistant sole
• Injection moulded plastic shin plate
• Plastic gear pad protection
• Adjustable velcro closure
• Replaceable/adjustable plastic buckles
• Shin and ankle TPU moulded plastic protections
• Ankle reinforcements• Special stiff nylon midsole
• Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam
• Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed
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starrating Great boots, just what I was looking for.
I've had these boots for a few months now and I'm confident enough to give these boots 5 stars. Break-in: Less than a day of riding. I wore them around the house for two hours and the boots worked into my movement. I took them on a 3 day offroad trip the next day and never had an issue. Waterproof: In rain and when standing in a stream, no water gets in as advertised. What else can you say? Protection: Haven't high sided yet, but they feel rigid enough to protect against smacking the ground or into a tree, etc. Fit & Feel: I've literally worn these boots for 12hr's straight without much issue. Your ankle gets a little stiff.....but its locked in a boot. VERY comfortable. Also, I've had no issue with feeling through the boots. I know right where my shifter is and right where my foot is on the pegs. No guessing or hoping my boot is where it needs to be for the upcoming obstacle. Also, I wear size US-13 and what atomic-moto recommended worked perfect. if your calves are huge, they boots will work well with you. I don't think you chicken legged guys will have any issue either, but if you have some super kickers, no worry with fit. Five stars all around. The boots are a little stuffy, but they are waterproof! Choose the right socks and it shouldn't cause you any issue. Highly recommended.
  Reviewed by:   from Central FL . on 11/19/2015
starrating Brian is right on the money with this one.
I never heard of these boots before and I when I called Brian I had a different boot in mind. After spending way too much time with me he recommended I buy this boot. Which, apprehensively, I did. I love the boot. First time I wore them they were super comfy. I was nervous that the toe box would be too thick and clunky and that shifting would be an issue. Its not. Although heavily protected, you still have a great feel for the gear shifter. Great boot
  Reviewed by:   from UT. on 9/9/2015
starrating Great Boot
I wanted to wear these on a few rides before reviewing. Now, after more than 1000 miles in heat and also rain I am very please with them. I needed a boot with good support plus comfort when walking. They are quick to get on and off and the buckles are easy to work even with winter gloves on. The sole really gripped the loose surfaces when stopping. The thickness of the toe box in height is noticeable but I got use to it in minutes. The boots are amazingly waterproof. I rode with dry feet through a heavy 2 hour rain. I wear a women's size 8 and I ordered a 40 so I can double socks in winter riding. I am trying to get my husband to get these especially since he had very wet feet on our rainy trip to Durango.
  Reviewed by:   from New Mexico. on 8/5/2015
starrating Love them!
Got these boots early spring. Ordered them, Atomic called me to figure out sizing, the fit pretty decent. They do run a bit big, I find, although to be fair I tend to run a tad skinny. I find that the length is fine but I can't cinch the buckles down enough without shortening them. I'm too nervous to do that. SUPER comfortable! Only complaint about quality is that the gray part of the sole is pulling away from the leather at the heel on one boot. great boot, great service from Atomic
  Reviewed by:   from Vancouver BC. on 7/22/2015
starrating Forma Adventure Boots
Excellent boots! Comfortable right out of the box. These are way more flexible than motocross boots and are easy to walk around in. I wear a 10.5/11 and the 45 fits perfect. So far so good!
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama. on 7/16/2015
starrating You can't go wrong
One great boot..Comfy, enough flex, wide toe box for my wide feet, great fit on sizing, not to hot (I live in Arizona) and most of all GREAT boot for buck. I'am in my 60's and have owned most all brands but for duel sport I like these better than my Gaernes.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona. on 7/2/2015
starrating Forma Adv
First of all, a quick note - my boots came in a monochromatic brown - only the darker brown, without any of the light trim. Not a huge deal if you're only after the function, but if looks matter to ya, worth noting. Boots came out of the box pretty comfy, I can tell that once they break in they're gonna be as good as it gets before you're barefoot. Wore em out for their inaugural ride recently and happened to find a thunderstorm... feet stayed perfectly dry, and they're not too hot to wear in the SC summers.
  Reviewed by:   from South Carolina. on 6/29/2015
starrating Best ballance of comfort and protection
I needed boots that are waterproof for a trip I was to leave for in 8 days.When the boots came they were a bit too small, Atomic-moto got the correct size to me soon enough that I still had several days for break-in. They were comfortable enough that I wore them hiking.They felt great and were not too hot, something I was afraid of with waterproof boots.
  Reviewed by:   from santa rosa ca.. on 6/3/2015
starrating Very happy with new boots.
These boots are great! They are comfortable, light weight, no problems shifting, easy to walk in and have plenty of protection. I use them for dual sport riding...highway, gravel roads, dirt roads, jeep trails and single track. They make my feet more nimble when working through boulders, logs, etc. as opposed to traditional MX style boots. For me, the sizes run a little on the large side...two pairs of socks, no problem. I would definitely recommend these boots.
  Reviewed by:   from Squaw Valley, Ca. on 6/1/2015
starrating Boots are great...promised service not so much
I put a buddy onto these boots a year ago, and I wanted a pair since I saw his. I have REALLY large calves and a wide foot, so I wanted some guidance on buying these boots. I own a pair of Fox Comp 5 offroad boots, but they don't fit my calves well and I take a size 14 (49EU). They also do not fit under my riding pants, so I went to the Forma. I came to to this site because of the great support reviews, and revzilla just seemed to corporate. I posed an Email question on boot sizing, got an Email asking for a phone number they could call to help, but I heard nothing back when I supplied one, even after a repeated request. Maybe they cannot call ot of the US? Anyway, I bought the boots, and I do like them, but I matched the Comp 5 size...and I should not have. On the Forma site, EU 49 is a size 14, here a EU is a 13.75...which is odd. Never seen a boot size of 13.75. Anyway, a 13 would have been perfect. I am in Canada, so shipping them back is not worth it. An insert will do. Anyway, great boot, service not all it is cracked up to be. Stars are for product, not service. (edit: we do not doubt DM's comments, but could not find where we made this mistake. In any case, we apologize for our lack of follow through. - The BOMBERS)
  Reviewed by:   from Ottawa. on 5/26/2015
starrating Great Fit, Damp Foot in the Rain
Really good design and construction at this price point. I've now done 5-6 rides with these boots, probably 1,200 miles total. First, off, I have extremly wide feet and large calves, and the fit of the Adventures on my feet and lower legs is just superb. Not the slightest problem with comfort, even on rides of 9-10 hours. Also, the Adventures are very "walkable", similar to a good pair of hiking boots. In hot weather, the boots have been slightly warm but not uncomfortable, and as others have commented, they do breathe reasonably well. So far so good...untill I rode for about an hour in a frog-strangling rain last weekend. I didn't notice it during the ride, but after removing the boots at home, the "foot" part of my left sock was distinctly damp, and so was the inside upper toe area of the left boot. Also, an area of leather above the shifter pad on the outside of the left boot was saturated with water - i.e. "squishy". In contrast, the right boot was totally dry on the inside and none of the leather had saturated with water. The rainy part of this ride was on a very twisty road, and I was constantly shifting gears to keep things under control. I'm guessing, but there are several rows of stitching around the shifter pads. It seem's likely that the constant gear shifting caused this area to flex and allowed a small amount of water to seep through the seam and the waterproof lining. This might also explain why the leather on the left boot absorbed water while the right boot did not. All that said, I'm planning to use the Forma Adventures on an upcoming 17 day ride to Colorado that will undoubtedly see lots of rain. Treating the shifter pad stitching with a small bead of polyurethane and applying several coats of hiking-boot waterproofing to the leather should help the left boot so stay dry in the rain. Fit, comfort, walk-ability and protection are higher priorities for my feet than absolute water-proofness. I would definitely buy the Forma Adventure Boots again.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 5/18/2015
starrating Forma Adventure boots
Used the boot for the first time on a 140 mile back road ride. The boots are very comfortable and just flexible enough to shift without problems. I ran into rain and my feet were dry. Great boots and were more comfortable than the Gaerne for me. I would buy them again and have recommended to my other riding friends.
  Reviewed by:   from Spokane. on 5/17/2015
starrating nice boots, quirky.
First impressions? Gorgeous boot. Materials appear to be high-quaity, especially the leather. Not thrilled with the molded soles, but they are very walkable, so that is a plus. One nit-pick is the plastic cross-straps are a weird cheap-looking grey semi-metallic plastic. They feel sturdy and durable, but Forma should have gone flat grey or black. I went for my first extended ride with the Forma Adventures today. temps were in the high 80s-low 90s; all vents were open on my riding gear. I wore the boots for 5 hours, including an hour of walking, and they were warm, but not intolerable. The breathable lining does its job. A friend mentioned my boots (favorably) and I found that I had forgotten that I had them on. The toe box doesn't LOOK all that tall, but in practice, they are just a touch higher than my steel-toed combat boots(!); I'll be adjusting the shifter just a bit. The good news is that they are quite flexible, so shifting is not difficult at all. I gave them 4 out of 5 stars because of the fit alone. The fit is just WEIRD. I wear a UK 43. That's my size. The Forma website and forma sizing chart, based on actual measurements, told me I should not buy anything smaller than a 44. Atomic Moto guys said, don't upsize. They are correct. I had previously tried a pair of 44s, and I was swimming in them. I ordered the 43s and had very high hopes based on reviews. Unfortunately, these boots are made for MASSIVE feet/legs/calves, which I do not have. I found that when I tried them on, the width was perfect (I have a wider foot), but with the buckles adjusted all the way in, they were still loose everywhere, and more disturbingly, my toes touched the ends. After some in-house walking, I decided to bite the bullet and trim the adjustment buckles to allow me to tighten them more, and that did the trick. Tightening the arch pulled my heel back into the comfy, deep heel cup, and back away from the end of the toe box. I plan to try some sizing insoles as well. I think they added at least 3 hp and 5 degrees of max lean angle, too. ;)
  Reviewed by:   from Spotsylvania, Va. on 5/16/2015
starrating Forma ADVenture Boots
First off, Great Service! Was called the day I ordered and told it would be a few weeks before the Brown/44 came in. Then was able to track the boot as it was shipped. "connecting all the Dots"! The boot is very comfortable right out of the box. Fit was great. Not as stiff as my MX boots...of course. But a great Dual Sport/walk around Boot. Replacing a pair of SIDI Adventures I've had for 15 years. Can't wait to get them dirty. New Honda CRF250L. Fits well on the pegs, brake and shift, no problems there. Good price and quality too. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:   from Meeker,OK.. on 5/16/2015
starrating Comfy
Very comfortable right out of the box. The toe box area is quite high and required adjustment to shift lever. These are ideal for dual sport riding. Greta looks as well.
  Reviewed by:   from Bend, Oregon. on 5/15/2015
starrating Nice Boot!
When I met the UPS driver half way up my steps I already had on my summer boot socks. I put the boots on straight out of the box and left them on for 5 hours. Excellent fit and comfy. Pretty good for walking around as well. I paid attention to the sizing advice and ended up getting one Euro size bigger than my BMW boots and it was perfect. I'm finding it pretty easy to adjust to riding my 1200GS with them. I'm not usually one to post feedback...but these boots were a great choice for me. Good luck!
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta, GA. on 5/15/2015
starrating Comfortable enough to sleep in!
I was going to buy these boots from my local dealer. They informed me that they were not available in brown, so I ended up buying them from Atomic-moto. With shipping and exchange on the dollar, I still came out $15.00 ahead of buying from the local dealer. I ordered my boots late on a Thursday and had them in hand the following Wednesday. FYI - USPS is turned over to Purolator in Canada so the shipping is pretty fast. Whatever you do, do not specify UPS for shipping. They will rape you with fees. These boots are comfy right out of the box. They're very easy to walk in. I haven't had them off-road yet but they're great on the road sofa! I like the ankle support they give. I'm very happy with these boots and the service from Atomic-moto.
  Reviewed by:   from St. Albert, Alberta. on 4/30/2015
starrating Excellent Product Excellent Value
After considerable research I made the choice to go with the Forma boots. Money wasn't the issue. Stepping off the bike in ski boots was my concern. I have another pair of far more rigid plastic boots that sit unused, just too aggressive for in the city and long pavement trips. The Forma boots are light, flexible, waterproof, durable, in addition to having a distressed real leather look I liked, right out of the box. An added bonus was they were half the price of my other technical riding boots, which, I will not be retiring. While the Forma are fantastic in almost every way they are not for hard technical dirt riding. But thats only 20% of my riding time so these bad boys will be on the other 80% to my riding time. Excellent product, excellent value.
  Reviewed by:   from Calgary. on 4/24/2015
starrating great boots
These boots were highly recommended by an off road riding trainer. My feet are very wide and these fit. So far very pleased. Great price too.
  Reviewed by:   from benbrook tx. on 4/22/2015
starrating Love These Boots!
My boots came the day after I placed my order. The fit was perfect and the boots are extremely comfortable. It rained during my first ride wearing these boots, and my feet stayed nice, and dry!
  Reviewed by:   from Corvallis, Oregon. on 4/21/2015