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Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots

Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots
Gaerne Balance Oiled Dual Sport Boot
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Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots

We get the call at least once a week: I have a DXKRLGZS 400/650/800/950/1200. Do you have a boot that is softer than an MX boot, but has more protection than a street touring boot? Something that will keep me from breaking my ankle but will let me walk? We do, and it is one of the best boots in the world: The Gaerne Balance.

We gush over Gaerne Balance boots so much because they blend super high quality materials - this cannot be overstated - with great fit, good protection, and just enough flex to comfortably wear and walk in, all day.

The Balance are made from MX boot leather, which is about 30% thicker than street boot leather. They have sturdy buckles and enough height to clamp onto your lower leg firmly. These factors distribute twisting force up through the boot structure. A plastic shin plate reduces the amount of fold / distortion in the leather, stiffening it further. On the other hand, they are light in weight and have a soft, easy-to-walk-in sole. They split the middle ground perfectly between street boots and MX boots.

Gaerne probably has the best fit in the world, and the comfort of these is outstanding. The entire upper of the boot is made from 5 pieces, so very few seams. This allows the boot to crease without pressure points. Best of all, they have a wide toebox, and are great for people with wide feet (unlike Sidi's...).

There are two versions of the Balance: this is the Oiled version, with an oiled leather that is a little softer, and features a waterproof liner. There is also the Pro Tech version, which uses standard leather, is a little stiffer, non-waterproof, and costs about $100 less. Both are BOMBER recommended.
  • Super-high quality full grain oil-tanned leather - probably the best boot leather in the world
  • Wide toebox - great for wide footed riders
  • 3 alloy replaceable buckles
  • Waterproof / breathable Drytech liner
  • Gum rubber sole for grip and easy walking
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starrating Perfect Boot
The boot clasps are easy to use and the boot was super comfortable immediately. Surprisingly easy to walk in also and supportive while up on the pegs. Absolutely love these boots.
  Reviewed by:   from Wash DC. on 9/30/2015
starrating perfection
they look sharp, the materials are quality, and they're outrageously comfortable. the first time i wore these was for four hours in 78° and my feet were comfortable and dry the entire time. highly recommended. for reference, i wear a 9.5 nike, 9 red wing and the gaerne 9s are perfect. buy them.
  Reviewed by:   from oakland, calif.. on 6/25/2015
starrating Really excellent boot!!
These are extremely comfortable and well made. I've only done a few rides with them - but no complaints. I wore them around the house the first day and they are instantly comfortable. The sizing was right on - I normally wear size 9.5 for street shoes and ordered the size 9's - perfect. Brian is really awesome to do business with - made a personal call because my order was quite large and made sure that everything was what I had in mind - and it was. I will be giving these guys as much business as possible. Also: these boots were substantially cheaper on this site - I think almost $100 less than other sites I checked.
  Reviewed by:   from Beaverton OR. on 5/28/2015
starrating WOW Fantastic customer service!
Yesterday I talked with Brian about the correct size of boot to order. After some discussion he recommended a size 12. Today (that is right, one day later) they showed up on my doorstep and they fit! It's winter and I won't ride with them for a while, but I had to tell everyone that is thinking of doing business with Atomic-Moto that these folks rock! Ride Well
  Reviewed by:   from Nashville, IL. on 3/5/2015
starrating Great boots!
I watched the video over and over and thought that the comfort description had to be "relative comfort". I was wrong. These really are exactly as described. Beyond comfortable to wear with a large, roomy toe box, I've even worn them driving the car. Sizing was perfect, I bought the same size as I would normally buy for any footwear. I haven't had an opportunity to test the water proof features but expect that normal leather care will be required. I'd buy these again in a heart beat.
  Reviewed by:   from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. on 12/16/2014
starrating Love these boots!
These boots are very comfortable. By far, the most comfortable motorcycle boots I have ever owned. I would definitely buy these again!
  Reviewed by:   from Redmond, OR. on 12/13/2014
starrating Famously comfortable and waterproof
We spent a month in Alaska this fall riding in numerous days of torrential rain of biblical proportions. These boots kept my feet warm and dry the whole trip. And they sustained no damage when I had a low side at 45 mph on the Kenai peninsula. Exceptional boots. I'd buy them again.
  Reviewed by:   from Bend, OR. on 12/1/2014
starrating Best Boots I have ever worn.
These are by far the most comfortable boots I have ever owned and I have been riding a long time.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 9/28/2014
starrating Nice boots dude
Way better than my Redwings I replaced. Decent support, quality leather, instantly comfortable, great style for around town, easy on, easy off. Lots of good things! They are warm boots, being tall, leather, with a waterproof liner. Some people talk about the price, but being made in Italy instead of china, the price seems quite fair. My only regret is not buying these sooner!
  Reviewed by:   from VeeTee. on 5/23/2014
starrating Fantastic Boots!
I purchased these boots for commuting, touring and adventuring. Don't let the price shock you, the quality is phenomenal and worth every penny. The boots fit true to size, toe box accommodates wider feet. I have larger calves from bicycle riding, but I'm still able to tuck my pants into these boots. Extremely comfortable. Would highly recommend them.
  Reviewed by:   from Toronto, Canada. on 5/22/2014
starrating most comfortable boot I have ever owned
I have wide feet and have a hard time finding boots that fit. these are the most comfortable motorcycle boots I have ever owned.
  Reviewed by:   from Chino Valley Arizona. on 5/19/2014
starrating Great Boots
Boots were true to size and offer great protection. Great prompt service by Atomic Moto
  Reviewed by:   from Third Lake IL. on 5/11/2014
starrating These are the ones you want
Boots are very good looking and low profile compared to my moto boots Sidi Crossfires. If you are looking for ADV style boots with good protection and very comfortable this is your boot. You can wear them with jeans or riding pants and they look good and are not bulky. Waterproof great. I wear a 11 ordered 11s and size is true. I have to admit that I look for the "bomber approved" as a key to purchasing products and it works! These guys are riders and I have yet to take back one any of their recommended products. Thanks for testing your products.
  Reviewed by:   from So Cal. on 5/1/2014
starrating ridiculously comfortable boots!!
Expensive boots, they are. Worth it? Hell yes. My only complaint would be some ankle protection. High, high quality made boots. They feel like slippers when you buckle them up. Love the steel toe aspect. There could be a bit more protection but I imagine that would take from the great comfort of the boots. They are definitely waterproof as well. They grip fantastic too. Happy with my purchase!!
  Reviewed by:   from bellingham, wa. on 4/29/2014
starrating Excellent Boots
Great fitting boots right out of the box. Only used them 4 times in the 2 weeks I've had them but am really happy with the fit and quality of these boots. Also the soles are super grippy on the pegs. As others have noted they are also comfortable to walk in. Highly recommended!
  Reviewed by:   from Sacramento, CA. on 4/2/2014
starrating Completely waterproof!
I ordered these boots over the winter and shoveled snow to help break them in. One day when it really warmed up there was a lot of slush and water at the end of the driveway which put the boots to the waterproof test. I can testify that they are 100% waterproof! Two or three inches of standing water that I'm wading through and my feet were completely dry. That gives me a load of confidence as I use them this year. Of course now that the riding season is here I've been in them most every day. They're not completely broken in yet, but they are not at all uncomfortable and everything I've read tells me they will only get softer and more comfortable. This is the first full-size motorcycle boots I've worn but they're quite comfortable. I'm wondering what they'll be like in hot weather but if they breath as advertised, I'll have no trouble. Another aspect I really appreciate is the buckle system. No matter what people say, velcro eventually wears out and becomes less "sticky." With the three buckle system I will not have to worry about that happening (unlike my earlier pair of boots). If you're wondering if all the hype about these boots has any truth to it I can tell you that it's not hype - just facts. These really are everything you want in a comfortable, waterproof, dualsport boot. Of course buying through Atomic-Moto was a good choice too. They really are "boot geeks!" (that's a good thing by the way)
  Reviewed by:   from Spokane, Washington. on 4/1/2014
starrating Gaerne Oiled boots
I had them shipped regular mail and received them in under 2 weeks. They are size 12 , quite wide with thick soft leather. A little snug, but I vary between 12 and 13. I think they will fit perfectly after being worn a bit. The buckles are much better quality and they are nicely lined.Nicely stitched. I tried them out on an ice oval and the soles were a little too sticky for foot dragging. I spent an hour wearing them off the bike while I adjusted suspension and moved a lever and they were very comfortable. They are a bit lighter and shorter than a MX boot and I can feel the shift lever and brake.
  Reviewed by:   from Regina, Saskatchewan. on 3/30/2014
starrating So Close!
So far these seem like a great boot! I ordered the wrong size to begin with, but after a quick phone call got a new pair sent out in the correct size. Boots are comfortable out of the box, but I'm sure a littel bit of wearing in will make the fantastic. I only gave 4 stars, as the ratchet mechanism on buckles seems a little fiddly
  Reviewed by:   from Utah. on 3/11/2014
starrating so comfortable, I wore them all night at home!
I got my Gaerne Balance oiled boots super fast. I was en route to ride that weekend with friends. These are my first-ever motorcycle boots. I tried them on, and they were so comfortable, I wore them all night at home! The ride that Sunday was a mix of single-track and trails, with a few fire roads. I rode thirty plus miles that day. The boots were awesome! Worth every penny, and no problem shifting or staying on pegs. We crossed creeks and mud puddles, and my feet stayed 100% dry. Love these boots! Would highly recommend them :-)
  Reviewed by:   from NorCal. on 3/4/2014
starrating Dual Sport
Fast shipping, size 9, 43EU fit my wide foot fine. Looks to be top quality & craftsmanship. First purchase, thanks guys, I'll be back!
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 2/11/2014