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Gaerne G-Midland Boots

Gaerne G-Midland Boots
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Gaerne G-Midland Boot - Sorry, this item is no longer available.
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starrating Great Boot so far!
I'm new to the dual sport world. Rode trail bikes as a kid many years ago and have been riding street since.... The folks at Atomic-Moto were wonderful on helping me decide what boots and size to select. I wear a 10 1/2 usually and purchased the 11s. I need to send them back since my toes were touching the ends. Sized very small! They were great on the shipping charges and had the new size 12s in a couple of days. I put gel insoles in them and they are very comfortable and fit great now, even if I need warmer/heavier socks at times. I would recommend the boots and Atomic-Moto. Very friendly and great prices!
  Reviewed by:   from Denver Colorado. on 3/26/2015
starrating Tough to size for wide feet
As stated in the description, they do fit fit differently than the typical Garene. Was definitely excited for this boot due to the having old school looking boot with ankle protection. Orderd a size 8/42 but were a tad to narrow for my wide, neutral arch feet. Also do not like the upper part of the boot as the top is not finished and the seams dig irritate your skin. You either need super long socks or tuck your pants in to not have the abrasion. The buckles could be have a slimmer profile like what is used on the G-adventure as well. Put this sole and the ankle protection on the G-adventure or add ankle protection to the oil balance, and I'd be wearing a gaerne today.
  Reviewed by:   from JBLM, Washington. on 11/26/2014
starrating G-Gaerne Midland disappointing
I have been riding with the Gearne G-Midland for less then 15 days and they tore up at the junction between the top of the foot and the beginning of the shin. Very disappointed. Light, waterproof before they tore, easy to attach, nice looking but pricey if they only last for 15 days if riding and I should specify: roads, almost no dirt, never felt down with them.
  Reviewed by:   from Ottawa. on 5/17/2014
starrating great buy!!
great quality material that makes a very comfortable boot. I have made the correct choice. Perfect
  Reviewed by:   from ky. on 4/3/2014
starrating Gaerne Midland - comfort and functionality
This is my second pair of Gaerne boots and they rock! Great feel right out of the box, comfortable and I love the aggressive soles. I hope I never have to find out if there is enough shin protection there, but it seems so now that I have them. Easy buckles and very stylish...glad I bought them. Good call Bombers!
  Reviewed by:   from Beaverton, OR. on 3/13/2014
starrating Gaerne G-Midland - a great boot
This is the second pair of adventure boots I've owned. The first one was a lower-end AlpineStars which I bought when I was just starting my adventure riding. They were good, but very stiff and clunky - difficult to walk around in. So - I read an on-line review of the G-Midlland which rated them as a "highly recommend." I, too, would rate them the same way. Size-wise: many reviews said they run on the smaller side. However, I take a 12-13 in most shoes or boots, depending on the product. I bought the 13s and they fit perfect - couldn't be better. I walked around in them for a week in my house just to test the comfort level, and that, too, was very good. I can see that they will likely break in nicely. I like the 2 buckles - less is more as I hate to futs with lots of moving parts. If there is any down side, I have skinny calves so there is more room than needed there. But, that's a relatively small issue. Tucking my pants in the boots remedies that good enough. The hard rubber sole is stiff enough so as not to hurt my feet when standing on the foot pegs while off-roading. Lastly, they look pretty cool and you don't look like you are wearing spaceman boots when walking around with your pants pulled over them.
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 3/7/2014
starrating Good boot best bought from AM
Boots looked like just what I wanted: an easy on/off, 70/30 street/dirt boot that would go either over or under the pant with protection that I could hike in. I use my KLR for touring, errands, and an annual DS trip like the WABDR and wanted and versatile boot for all occasions. Though I've not had them on the bike they appear to be just that in as much as I can tell from wearing in the house. Well made, good materials, good design. Part of what pushed me into this level (ie, price) of a boot were the awesome video reviews Atomic Moto produce. I found them to be very informative and am so far happy to have spent more than I expected as I believe I have the most suitable boot for my purposes. In general, I'm hesitant to order footwear online as fit is very individual and a big fail if done wrong. I could get the boots cheaper elsewhere but wanted to support AM. I am glad I did. Within 10 minutes of placing my order I got a call from Brian. He said they run small and wanted to make sure the size 11 I ordered would be right for me. I usually wear a 10.5 to 11 in shoes so thought I'd be okay with the 11's. In working it through with him I ended up getting the 12's and am glad I did. If anything, they are still a bit on the narrow side but will likely loosen up over time. I have a D foot so if you have especially wide feet you might need to spring for a pair of Sidi's as they width size. Brian knows the boots he sells and the intricacies of how they fit: not just big or small but where, how, and what type of feet they will or won't work on. That call was the next best thing to being fitted in a store and saved me the shipping expense of an exchange. If you find their video reviews or advice useful please keep them in business and buy from them - the time they spend with their products and customers can't be cheap.
  Reviewed by:   from Seattle-ish. on 2/2/2014
starrating Iinitial Review
First impressions: I purchased the G-Midlands for flattrack racing. I wanted something that was easy to put on with more protection than my current police style "tactical" boot. The boots are excellent in that regard. Easy on and off, and the sizing was right on. The boots are stiffer than I thought they would be. The shin protection at the front of the boot is great, so it's a good thing. Since I'm short, the lower height makes this a very comfortable boot compared to my MX boot The lighter weight will make a difference when I'm walking around the pits. They are breaking in the break in phase, worn one time to work. I will post more information after I get a steel shoe and race in these boots. BTW, a high quality Italian boot
  Reviewed by:   from Nor Cal SF Bay area. on 1/18/2014
starrating Nice boots, tougher to size
Tried a 9 and that was too tight in the toe box, the 10 and my foot was swimming, so never got it just right. Had the same issue with the Gaerne Adventure, so my foot just doesn't do Italian boots that well. The boots were very nice and well made, just never felt right on my foot. Ordered some Forma Cape Horns in a 9 hoping they fit my foot a little better.
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 1/6/2014
starrating These boots are awesome
I took these boots on a 25 mile super muddy, super snowy, icy trail ride today. They were super comfortable, the soles gripped great on the trail and on the pegs, and my feet stayed dry and warm. I like the level of flexiliby they offer - just enough to allow walking and manuverability on the trail, while still providing great protection. These are a great dual sport plus light trail boot. Regarding the fit, I wear 11-12 in shoes. I got size 11 equivalent in these boots and they fit perfectly - so for me, they don't run small as they did with other reviewers. I originally didn't consider these boots because they don't have the 3rd buckle. Now I don't mind - the velcro top closure is super substantial.
  Reviewed by:   from Portland, OR. on 12/15/2013
starrating Gaerne G-Midland boots are awesome!!!
I've had mine for a little over a year now, and liked them so much that I got a pair for my wife. She loves them as well! These boots are very comfortable - I've worn them in the desert in Moab with temps in the 90's, and I've worn them through a 2 hour downpour here in WA where afterwards my feet were the only part of me that was still dry. I've also waded through creeks in them where the water was above my ankles, and no leaks. They are very comfortable for short hikes off the bike, give good feel for the shifter, and still offer a decent level of protection. All around great boots!
  Reviewed by:   from Snohomish, WA. on 11/22/2013
starrating Gaerne G-Midland Boots
These boots were promptly shipped by Atomic Moto. After a lengthy conversation with Brian I confirmed the fit and appropriate model boot for my needs. I really appreciate the focused expertise Brian shares. When I first tried on the boots they seemed excessively stiff and snug. I was warned this would be the case, but I was not sure if I would have to return them. After a couple of short rides I started enjoying the features of the boots and fit was much more reasonable. Last weekend I rode a total of 1200 miles to a rally and now I am certain these were the best choice. The grip of the sole is phenomenal when placing a foot down when stopping. They are supportive when standing on the pegs, and I have finally figured the best way to put on and take off the boots. One tip, don't let the velcro upper flap come on contact with your socks, it really pulls them apart. I feel I purchased a quality boot in terms of safety, quality materials, and workmanship. I am totally pleased with this purchase and will use Atomic Moto again based on my positive experience.
  Reviewed by:   from Kern Valley, CA. on 9/11/2013
starrating G-Midland Boot
I wanted to thank Brian and Atomic Moto for the help in selecting a new pair of boots. Brian went over my needs, sizing and concerns and guided me to the G-Midland Boots. He recommended a size 46 and with the addition of some insoles the fit is great. As to the boots, the quality is evident from the start. They are very comfortable on and off the bike which was important to me. Have not tested how water proof the boots are yet but have no reason to doubt they will perform well. If you're in the market for boots, give Brian a call.
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta, GA. on 9/3/2013
starrating Almost
About an hour and 30mins in a torrential downpour was my first ride with these boots. Not a drop got in! Awesome! Rode a few more times, nice and sturdy, comfortable and easy to walk in. Still no water. Started my cross country trip down through Washington, first day, soaked. They have not stopped any water since then. Not waterproof at all. More water resistant. Would not buy these based on that. I barely had any miles on them when the water started coming in. Maybe 300kms? I give 3 stars because of fit and durability of the sole. After that, nothing.
  Reviewed by:   from Vancouver, BC. on 8/16/2013
starrating Nice Off road boot
True fit as far as claimed size. Tall socks needed if you don not wear off road riding pants. I would not plan on hiking very far in them as this is more of a riding boot. IMHO...this is an excellent dual sport boot. I would buy again.
  Reviewed by:   from Central Illinois. on 6/7/2013
starrating Gaerne G-Midland
Already knowing I have a Gaerne foot, and an owner of Gaerne Balance boots, I went against my better judgement and bought a set of Sidi Adventure Rains. Sidi makes an excellent boot, but not for my foot. Duh. I was able to off-load the Sidis without a loss and immediately ordered the G-Midlands from the Bombers. Although super comfortable like the Balances, they do have more umph, albeit not as much and the Sidis with their plastic, articulating ankle hinge. For adventure riding, the G-Midlands are perfect for me. I'm not in need of a boot that can support me dragging my leg off a 600+ pound GS Adventure at 60 MPH through gravel 2-track, I need something sturdy and waterproof with a lugged sole I can replace when the times comes because the boots are that good.. These are those boots. As reviewed by the Bombers, they are SLIGHTLY more snug than the Balance boots, but not much. Typical Gaerne - quality and comfort. Typical Bombers - friendly, knowledgable, and customer-oriented.
  Reviewed by:   from California Gold Country. on 5/9/2013
starrating Great Boots!!!
No surprise here, I agree with the other reviews, these boots ROCK! They're comfortable, warm and keep my feet dry and best of all I can walk in them. I've worn these boots during the last couple of months of this year's Oregon winter which means rain and lots of it. My feet have been dry and comfortable the entire time, no leakage, no tight spots, no drama just solid performance. If you're looking for a boot that provides good protection and is comfortable I think you will be very happy with the Gaerne G Midlands.
  Reviewed by:   from Oregon. on 4/4/2013
starrating Dang!! These are nice boots!!
I'm sure glad I found this place.....great gear and service. I've pretty much re-outfitted my self and am now good to go for my upcoming two weeker to Utah & Colo. My latest get were these boots......the combination of protection and comfort is fabulous!! Soooo much better than my Sidi Adventure Rains. Even with the larger toe-box, they are easier to shift with than the Sidi's........and nicer to walk in....... and don't SQUEAK!! These boots are spot-on!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Central Cal. on 2/28/2013
starrating Yep, 5 stars like the others said
I ordered the G-Midland in a 42 since I wear a Balance Oiled 41. The G-Midlands fit perfectly! I was even able to take out the removable insoles and put in green SuperFeet ones. The buckles and velcro tops adjust easily, the front of the ankle flexes nicely for walking, the sole is stiffer (than the Balance) so feels great on the pegs (just standing so far (yeah with grocery bags on to protect the boots in case they didn't feel right), not riding). The materials and finish is superb. My husband was pooh-poohing any other boot than the Balance and, now that he's seen the G-Midlands, is wildly jealous
  Reviewed by:   from Northern New Mexico. on 2/25/2013
starrating Super Boots
Dry, comfortable and great protection. I have not had them long but I have worn them for a couple of 12 hour days and my feet felt great! One of my all time favorite purchases.
  Reviewed by:   from Newport Oregon. on 2/1/2013