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Hammer HEED Energy Drink

Hammer HEED Energy Drink
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This HAMMER Nutrition HEED drink mix really works.  The BOMBERS are some wheezing out-of-shape burger eating dudes, and this stuff actually keeps us on the powerband on long rides.  No joke.  We prefer the Mandarin Orange flavor, so that is all we sell. Oh, here is some jargon from HAMMER for you techie types to ponder.

Sports drinks have been around a long time. Unfortunately, most sport drinks are artificially colored sugar water that does little to aid your performance and even less for your health. That is why HAMMER Nutrition developed HEED as a healthy alternative to keep you hydrated. HEED's all-complex carbohydrate formula tastes good and gives you with consistent, long-lasting energy and the electrolytes you need to keep going. Because it contains no citric acid, it will not burn your throat or stomach no matter how long you drink it. The full-spectrum, all chelated mineral, electrolyte profile helps satisfy your body's mineral requirements. L-Carnosine and Chromium Polynicotinate help to buffer lactic acid and support stable blood glucose levels. If you prefer sports drinks over energy gels or like to use the two together, try HEED and find out what a sports drink done right can do for your athletic performance.