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LS2 MX453 Dual Sport Helmet

LS2 MX453 Dual Sport Helmet
Gears Silver
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The LS2’s MX453 Adventure is our pick for a BOMBER recommended dual sport helmet. Compared to the AFX FX-39 / Fly Trekker DS lids, the MX453 is more refined, more quiet, has better shield action, and a more goggle-friendly eyeport. It does cost a little more, but we feel it is worth the step up in price.

The MX453 Adventure starts a lightweight fiberglass Tricomposite shell, adds a moisture wicking technical fabric liner, and then adds an anti-scratch flip-up face shield to protect you from the elements. The extended chinbar allows you to breathe while minimizing fogging when working hard off road. Chin vents and top vents are fully adjustable, so you can get just the amount of air you need, and there’s an exhaust port at the back for true, flow through ventilation. Cheek pads are laser cut from one solid block of high quality foam for a secure and precise fit. The peak is designed specifically to prevent lift at high speeds, and the shield can be quickly removed with just two screws. DOT/ECE approved.
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starrating Heads up
These helmets are great. We need 4 of them for fellow workers and they are just the kind of helmet we needed. We had a small problem with one not fitting our big enforcement guy but after they told us to take out the cheek pads it fit perfectly. They tell me it is comfortable, and easy to wear. We will definitely buy here again.
  Reviewed by:   from Mad River CA. on 3/25/2014
starrating LS2 MX453
I always worry about the fit of a less expensive helmet but the LS2 didn't disappoint. I have several Arai helmets and they fit perfect so was worried the LS2 would not hold its own but the fit was very good! I like the air flow and open visor that helps prevent helmet lift during faster speeds. I also like the customer service with the bombers, it is A+
  Reviewed by:   from Seattle WA. on 1/29/2014
starrating great helmet great price
overall for the price its a pretty sweet helmet feels very light on your head and a lot sleeker then a Fly Trekker or AFX FX-39. Its a little tight on the checks but i am sure it will break in plus its probably a good thing in case you ever go down. Only reason i am giving it 3 stars instead of 5 is I bought the sold black witch in the photo is all solid black but unfortunately it came black with the top vents blazing white looks kinda goofy to me wish the vents would have came black like in the photo
  Reviewed by:   from redding. on 8/27/2013
starrating LS2 MX453 bomb!
The Bombers have done it again. Excellent customer service, ensuring confidence the MX453 would be what I was after. I replaced my well used Arai XD3 with the LS2 and here's what I think: Likes: price, low weight, liner foam shape and texture. Bothers: chinstrap location and material, gasket around face shield that flaps in the breeze. Favorite: using the $300 savings over a new Arai XD4 to afford more tires and fuel.
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia. on 7/2/2013
starrating LS2 MX453
I've been commuting with this helmet for a few days now, and I'll say it's a very good helmet for the price. It falls short of my Shoei Hornet DS in a couple of ways, and it surpasses it in others. The clear shield has some visual distortion near the bottom center and in a "V" shape all the way to the top because of the sharper bends, but it's pretty minor and doesn't distract me from the task at hand. I installed my comm system (Sena SMH10) speakers last night and discovered that there are no cutouts built into the shell, so they drill into the upper part of my ears and are pretty uncomfortable. I'm not all that surprised though considering the price point of this helmet. On the plus side, this helmet is light weight, comfortable, and the peak lets more air flow through (larger openings) than the Hornet, so there's less lift. The hi-viz yellow is very hard to miss, and in my opinion it looks far cooler than most of the other safety helmets out there because of its styling and black accents. Love it!
  Reviewed by:   from SE Wisconsin. on 5/15/2013
starrating LS2 MX453
Taken this on a few rides now that the weather got warmer. Hi viz, is definitely hi viz. Seems to be well constructed, and not too heavy which is a nice bonus. Simple visor attachment system which works well, and very few places for things to break. Flows air fairly well, vents work....better than my scorpion exo1000 i think. Cutouts in visor seem to curb lift at speed. Seemed kind of noisy, but i ride a ktm 640 so probably no fault of the helmet. Only downside was the helmet needed about a week to outgass, it had a very strong smell at first. But i know it was made at the end of december, and spent most of the time in a container.
  Reviewed by:   from albany, ny. on 4/11/2013
starrating LS2 MX453
Only had this for a week or so and work has kept me from doing any extended riding with it, However, I can say from a week of commuting that it is a overall a very comfortable helmet. Negatives: a bit of low frequency rumble coming from around the neck opening. Not horrible just noisier than my Shoei. Also a bit of distortion at the lower part of the shield, Not unexpected given the fairly severe curve at that part. Not a deal breaker for me. It just catches my attention and I can already tell I am adjusting to it. Positives: fit is great. got the large for my 59 cm head. Cheek pad really hold it in place without being uncomfortable. Also love having the peak for glare reduction. A great deal less fogging than the Shoei (Shocking!). I can tell it will flow a ton of air with the vents open once things warm up this summer.
  Reviewed by:   from Denver, CO. on 4/2/2013