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MSR Reflex Knee Guards

MSR Reflex Knee Guards
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The BOMBERS feel the MSR Reflex Knee Guard is the overall best off road knee protection sold. We have been selling the Reflex for 3 years, and compared it to literally dozens of guards from brands like Fox, Thor, Fly, EVS, 661, you name it. The BOMBERS recommend these are the best overall.

The Reflex has extensive plastic coverage, an obvious benefit. You get coverage well up the thigh, and well around the sides of the knee. Yet the mechanical hinge gives terrific freedom of movement. They have great quality memory foam padding - you feel you could get hit by a train and your patellas would be smiling. The strap system is easy and very comfortable. The profile is low where it enters the boot, so your boots still fit correctly. They are well vented and not that hot. They stay in place. Best of all, the price....this guard is nearly as complex as some knee braces, yet is downright cheap.

NOTE (and test to see if you are still paying attention): DISREGARD the markings on these for L and R. Instead, wear them so the clips are on the INNER side of the leg, toward the bike.
  • Anatomical low-profile design fits close to the legs and stays firmly in place
  • Three wide stabilizer straps
  • Unique protective thigh panel which protects against handlebar impact in corners or in the event of a crash
  • Anatomically correct to give you a full range of movement without restriction
  • Fully ventilated foam and plastic components allow body heat to escape
  • Adjustable elastic straps combined with Airprene panels provide a positive fit and keep you cool and comfortable
  • “Set and forget” straps, mean you adjust fit once, and use the three speed buckles to install within seconds
  • Self-centering knee allows the Reflex to float around your knee cap
  • A thick layer of memory foam surrounds your knee cap
  • High-impact Polycarbonate shin, Nylon knee and Polypropylene thigh piece work give optimum coverage and maximum range of movement
  • Flush flat head pivot screws help reduce wear
Other BOMBER Reviews Average BOMBS Rating review   4 10
starrating Dirtbike Gear Makeover
I've got a new 'attitude' with my new protection, and these knee guards have a lot to do with it. Great protection, comfortable right out of the box for all day, and they don't move. Maybe that just work well with my boots, but they stay exactly in place. They allow much better knee articulation than my old ones. And there is more protection than my old ones. I'm happy.
  Reviewed by:   from Indian Valley, Plumas County. on 10/1/2014
starrating first ride today with these
After more riding while wearing these guards I have decided they are not as protective as they should be. The knee cap has plain foam that compresses allowing the knee cap to contact the underside of the plastic and leaves a pretty nasty looking mark. It needs better foam in that area to spread the impact load over a larger area and not allow the knee cap to contact the plastic. Plus they are a pain to put on and take off.
  Reviewed by:   from Aberdeen, Wa. on 6/22/2014
starrating Great value!
Absolutely comfortable. Used right out of the box for two days and three hundred miles on the Sheetiron 300 and never noticed they were there. But feel quite solid and definitely like they'd hold a bike off your leg. Of note: the labelings are BACKWARDS on the knee pads.
  Reviewed by:   from San Francisco. on 5/21/2014
starrating Flexible and Straps are Solid
Very comfortable and flexible. Strap attachment works very well, much better than velcro only type straps.
  Reviewed by:   from Tracy California. on 11/19/2013
starrating not too shabby.
First - a little background. I'm 6-0 tall, 180 lbs with a pretty athletic build. I wore them in Tech 8 boots and under Klim Dakar pants.armor. My first ride with them was a 400 mile mudd/gravel/asphalt ride in virginia's blue ridge mountains. On the bike, I couldn't even tell they were there. The hinge doesn't encumber any movement and they fit well within my pants. I only did about a half mile of walking/hiking each day, but they are not well suited for that activity. They didn't allow my leg to fully extend. My only other comment was that at the end of the first day i had dented bruises on my shins from the plastic buttons holding the padding on. I'm not sure if that was from the full day of riding or from my short walks. I tried to adjust the placement of the guards on my leg on the following days to help solve the problem or at least distribute the bruises, but had no luck.
  Reviewed by:   from richmond, va. on 10/19/2013
starrating Comfortable Knee Guards
I was a bit worried about comfort wearing kneeguards, I wear kneepads for work sometimes in crawlspaces and HATE them for their poor fit. But, after very norrowly escaping sirious knee injury late last Fall in a moto accident, I owed it to myself to protect myself better. I picked these MSR Kneeguards based solely on the Bombers' online description that they offered the best protection and are the most comfortable. While I had no previous kneeguards to campare with, I believe they set me up right. They are surprisingly comfortable and very much not noticeable at all while riding. They fit comforably into the top of my boot, which makes them stay in place, even when walking a decent distance. They articulate vary well around the kneecap, which I believe is the key to their comfort. The plastics seem as durable as the rocks I expect to bounce on, and they will make the branches and sticks I fly past beg for mercy rather than bruise my shin. They are very quick and easy to take on and off, and yes.....I prefer to wear them L/R backwards, as another reviewer has pointed out.
  Reviewed by:   from Hood River, Oregon. on 6/4/2013
starrating not impressed...
I thought these knee guards would be a good alternative to Fly Racing 5 pivot ones I blew out, but they aren't. One of them doesn't stay in place even though I've tried messing with the adjustment. Took them off my second day out... not good.
  Reviewed by:   from San Francisco. on 5/9/2013
starrating Worth their weight
Bought these for GF who was always napping along the trail and bruising up. These are well articulating guards that offer unsurpassed protection in any position. I searched all the guards in this price range and tehse cant be beat. ATMOTO had tehse on my doorstep within 2 days, Shipped the same day. Just spent srpingbreak in Moab and while she ripped her new Thor pants these protected her from any other marks.... These rock!!! Only downsize is the bottom of guard rubbed her inside the boot, they would be even better if they made a short version. All in All Great Guard.
  Reviewed by:   from Belgrade MT. on 3/20/2013
starrating best knee guard ive used so far
For the longest time I was wearing these backwards... I assume the straps clipped to the outside. And for the longest time they caused me to rub up a spot on my shins. After reversing left to right and vica versa though, it stopped. Example: The one displayed here upright and not bent should be worn on the LEFT leg. (BOMBERS Note: Airman Darrin is correct in this....these guards should be work so the clips are on the inner side of the leg.....which is the OPPOSITE of the marking on the guards..... Trust us, and THANKS to Airman Darrin!!) These are very flexible, offer really thorough protection all the way around and make me feel like robo cop. They are easy to adjust and once you adjust them, they stay that way. No need to readjust. They are probably the fastest piece of protection to put on that I own.
  Reviewed by:   from Phialdelphia. on 1/28/2013
starrating Best Knee Guards we sell
The title basically covers it, but some detail is always helpful: these MSR Reflex Knee Guards have extended coverage, great flex, and excellent foam padding....all for a relatively low price considering their complexity.
  Reviewed by:   from Bend, Oregon. on 11/28/2012