Gaerne GX-1 Boot

Gaerne GX-1 Boot

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Gaerne GX-1 Boot 2016 - NEW VERSION - The Gaerne GX-1 boot is a great off road boot at a smoking BOMBER price. GX-1s are made in Italy, which is rare at this price point, and reflect the excellent quality you expect from Italian boots. They are protective enough for motocross, but comfortable enough for enduro, dual sport, and serious ADV use.

This new version of the GX-1 has one critical improvement: the plastic piece on the inside of the ankle area has been redesigned for better flexing. There are much deeper cutouts, this new shape allows the boots to flex more smoothly, with a little lighter action, and less bind. It is a small detail that has made a huge improvement.

These GX-1 boots are light, sturdy, not too stiff, easy to walk in, and comfortable for long rides. The fit - like all Gaernes - is amazing. Durability is incredible. There are many boots at the $200 price point. However, none of them are a match for these.