About Us - The BOMBERS at Atomic-Moto

Atomic-Moto is an enthusiast owned motorcycle gear store based in Bend, Oregon with a commitment to doing our jobs professionally. We don't give a flying crap about being the biggest, or the fastest growing, or being acquired, or any of that. Our goal is to be a reliable, clear speaking, no BS, well-informed source for motorcycle gear. To run a tight, professional ship that earns your respect.

Our Mission

Our mission is to earn lifelong customers, NOT to "sell gear". Making a sale is easy, but earning your respect takes is a much more challenging commitment. It requires us to do great work on every interaction, with every customer, on every single day. Additionally, it is equally to define what we do not do: take shortcuts, drop our standards, or change our values to make a sale.

Our Base

We chose Bend, Oregon for its value as an R+D lab, not as a shipping hub. Bend has endless amounts of some of the best riding in the US, which allows us to test all sorts of gear. We're talking real testing, in real riding situations, not a lap or two around the block. We get four full seasons, harsh ones at times. Riding here can very quickly and precisely identify the shortcomings in gear design and construction.

Our Training

The BOMBERS have worked with motorcycle gear for nearly 20 years. Not just selling it……designing it, developing it, manufacturing it, and of course, using it. This experience includes some high-ranking time with two of the largest, most well-known motorcycle gear brands in the world. We've worked on the designs, been to the factories, and learned all the shortcuts that companies take. We can tell the difference between good stuff and junk from a mile away.

Our Targets

We target products that fit well, work well in the field, and last. Our product mix is a handpicked selection from many sources: big brands, off-brands, emerging companies, and stuff from other sports. We are selective about what we sell, and scrutinize carefully to weed out the mediocre, often downright bad product that so many other shops push. We study the materials, construction, fit, and overall quality before we decide to deploy them to our fellow BOMBERS.

Mission Success

It has never been our goal to have the biggest store with the most products. I am not knocking that – some of my competitors are very successful and we respect them. We also are 110% committed to success, but our definition of that goal is different.

There is something deeply, deeply satisfying about working with great product, matching them perfectly to a riders needs, and exceeding peoples expectations for customer service and integrity. Size has no play in that equation...excellence does. Once again, our mission is to earn lifelong customers, and our goal is to be a great company. If we can accomplish that, then we consider it as "mission success".