Motorcycle Storage at Atomic-Moto

Need motorcycle storage in Bend Oregon?

For people that live out of the area and travel here to ride, and/or want to keep their bike or their gear in a safe place in Central Oregon, The BOMBERS can assist. We have a limited number of spaces for storing motorcycles, gear (which can be bulky) or both. These spaces are indoors, in our heated, clean, and secure facility, with care to make sure your bike is treated like it should be. We can dry-store your bike, or start up or charge up your bike at regular intervals so you are ready to go. Wheels will be rotated monthly to not flat spot tires. We can also store your gear for you, which can be easier and less costly than carrying it on a plane.

Rates are monthly, with a 1 month minimum:

$60 / Mo. - Dirt Bikes (example: KTM 300, 350, or 500)
$60 / Mo. - Small Bikes (less than 400ccs)
$70 / Mo. - Mid Sized Bikes (420ccs - 690 ccs)
$80 / Mo. - Full Sized Bikes w/o luggage (700+ ccs)
$90 / Mo. - Full Sized Bikes with full fairings and / or luggage
$10 / Mo. - Start up and run bike 10 minutes
$10 / Mo. - Charge Battery

$10 / Mo. - Gear Storage (helmet, boots, plus riding gear)

We have an indoor facility that is clean, heated, and staffed by people that know and ride bikes, NOT by Self-Storage flunkies. Your bike will be treated well, and NEVER ridden or messed with. Bikes are accessible M - F  from 10 AM - 4 PM, and by appointment.

For more info please contact us