Nuetech Nitromousse

Brand: TuBliss

Nuetech Nitromousse - Tire mousses are something that people swear by, because using a mousse in your tire means zero flats, none, nada, niente. It also means to spare tubes, tire irons, or inflation devices need to be carried. Anyway, Neutech has advanced the off road tire mousse by adding nitrogen to the rubber. This results in a lively, consistent feel, longer lifespan, and again, no damned flats. Not cheap but 100% worth it. For Offroad use only.

• For Offroad use only.
• 100% flat-proof: Enjoy every second of your ride with 100% flat-proof dependability
• Long Lasting: Lasts 2x longer than other popular mousse pm the market
• Performance: Improved traction, smoother ride and increased cornering stability
• Twice the life and priced to offer double the value

Like everything we do, our return policy is simple, fair, and easy: If you are not satisfied with the fit, function, styling, etc. in ANY way, you can return it within 30 days for an exchange or a refund. To be eligible for a return, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your return must be within 30 days of the original ship date (when we sent it). Sorry, but if your shipdate was older than 30 days prior, we cannot accept it, even if there are "special circumstances", such as forgetting the item in the closet, needing to wait for a full moon, or being away on a covert CIA mission;
  • They must be 100% NEW, and not used outside or on the motorcycle;
  • They must be in sellable condition. This means undamaged, unmarked, unwashed, untested, unmodified, clean, dry, odor free, with all hangtags, labels, and packaging intact and attached;
  • Please, please please do not remove, destroy, bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate the packaging;
  • The return must arrive to our warehouse within 14 days of the original RMA date. Once you request the return, please ship it back to us promptly;
  • Returns must be pre-authorized and be assigned a return authorization number (RA#);
  • The RA# must be clearly written on the outside of the return shipment;
  • Customers are responsible for freight costs associated with returning their item to us.

That's it. As long as your return meets this criteria, we will process it promptly, for any reason, without any fees or hassles. Items returned in non-sellable condition may not be eligible for return. "Non-sellable condition" includes but is not limited to: riding or other use, dirt, scratches, stains, missing or damaged packaging, items that have been modified, items with missing or detached hangtags, missing parts, odors such as cologne or cigarette smoke, dog or cat hair, etc. In addition, if you can, it helps us if you fold and pack items neatly. Thank you for your consideration.

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