100% Accuri 2 Woods Goggles

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The revised Accuri 2 Woods Goggles add a photochromic lens to the mix of additional improvements that separate this version from the original Accuri Goggle. This lens is constructed from high-impact Lexan and receive a fog resistant coating for added clarity. With exposure to changing UV light conditions, the lens lightens and darkens accordingly - designed for riding in and out of tree cover. A patented ventilation system channels air directly through the triple-layer closed-cell foam eyeport seal to refresh dry, fatigued eyes and help battle unwanted fog further. The re-engineered lens retention system maintains the company's nine pin design - the highest in the industry.

To simplify the overall ownership experience, lenses are totally interchangeable between goggles in the 100% lineup, including the Accuri 2, Racecraft 2 and Strata 2 models. The goggle strap's wide 45mm size is lined heavily with silicon grippers to guarantee perfect placement.
  • Photochromic anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision
  • Lens darkens from light to dark with exposure to UV light
  • 9 pin lens retention system
  • Plush triple-layer moisture managing foam around the eyeport
  • 45mm wide strap with silicon backing to eliminate slippage
  • Patent pending vent technology also aids moisture management
  • Shares the same replacement lenses and tear-off films as Racecraft 2, Accuri 2 and Strata 2 Goggles
SKU: 956781
BRAND: 100%

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