When you are young, “a “good rider” is a fast rider. Later, it means a smart rider.

We hate green gear.

Buying a $100 jacket / helmet / pants / boots to ride on your $20,000 bike is foolish beyond words.

Listening to music off road will make your timing go to shit.

Once, someone made a motorcycle with pistons that are oval. Think about that.

There is a gene that facilitates use of a GPS. Not all of us have that gene.

To turn left, you turn the handlebars right. No joke.

The Dakar Rally used to be awesome. Somehow, a few people managed to fuck that up.

Every person we know that started a motorcycle apparel brand is a whackjob.

KTM is a nice little company. Honda made history.

Knowing how to work on your bike makes you a better person.

There is cool, and then there is Steve McQueen on the cover of Sports Illustrated cool. 

The person that organizes or invites the ride is in charge of it.

Half helmets hurt our soul.

Most companies that make junk gear, know it and do not care.

Experienced riders scan your bike’s mechanical condition, then decide if they want to ride with you.

Ricky Carmichael would whip Chuck Norris’ ass.

Mick Doohan would whip Chuck Norris’ ass too.

Ricky Carmichael would whip Mick Doohan's ass.

Wheels are supposed to be black.

Do not talk about secret trails. Do not post photos or video of secret trails. Do not park pickup trucks near them. Do not show them to other people who talk about them. Do not refer to them publicly in any way, to any person, using any media, at all, ever.  

There is no good riding in Oregon. None.

Without Soichiro Honda, it’s possible none of us would be here.

Motorcycles are a blend of art, freedom, athletics, engineering, physics, elements, sound, problem solving, preparation, mechanical skills, adventure, solitude, and camaraderie, unmatched by anything else on the planet.

Think about THAT.