About Us

Atomic-Moto is motorcycle gear store based in Bend, Oregon launched in 2008, with a focus on products, riding, the motorcycle community, and great customer service. Our goal is not to be biggest or to have the most products. Make no mistake, we are 110% committed to success, but our definition of that goal is differentOur goal is to be a trusted, well-informed, clear speaking, no BS source for motorcycle accessories. 

Our Mission

Since day one, our mission has been to earn lifelong customers, NOT to sell product. Making a sale is easy, but earning your respect is a much more challenging commitment. It requires us to do great work on every interaction, with every customer, on every single day. 

Our Base

We are based in Bend, Oregon for its value as an R+D lab, not as a shipping hub. Bend has endless amounts of some of the best riding in the US, which allows us to test all sorts of gear. We get four full seasons, harsh ones at times. Riding here can very quickly and precisely identify the shortcomings in gear design and construction.

Our Operations

Atomic-Moto is and will always be a tight and professional operation. We hold ourselves to a high standard for every aspect of our operations. Great Customer Service seems to be a lost art, but I will tolerate nothing less.

Our Targets

Our product mix is a handpicked selection from many sources: big brands, off-brands, emerging companies, and stuff from other sports. We are selective about what we sell, and scrutinize carefully to weed out the mediocre, often downright bad product that so many other shops push. We study the materials, construction, fit, and overall quality before we decide to deploy them to our fellow BOMBERS.

Mission Success

There is something deeply satisfying about running a tight ship, working with great product, matching them perfectly to a rider's needs, and exceeding people's expectations for customer service and integrity. Size has no play in that equation...excellence does. Once again, our mission is to earn lifelong customers. If we can accomplish that, then we have achieved "Mission Success".

Info About our Lead Bomber

Prior to building Atomic-Moto, our Lead BOMBER, Brian Price, spent decades creating some of of the best motorcycle products, for two of the most famous brands in the motorcycle industry, Fox Racing and Alpinestars. This experience gave him extensive experience in the design, development, spec'ing, and production of motorcycle gear (and a skeptical attitude). In addition to being a great foundation for Atomic-Moto, it also seemed to have been a heck of a good time.

If you're interested, here is a podcast BP did with Dale Spangler, the founder of The Dirtbuzz Podcast discussing his extensive background creating world class products for two of the biggest brands in the motorcycle industry. We hope you enjoy it.