Forma Boulder Boots

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One of our favorite and most underrated boots!! Forma Boulders are intended as a trials boot. However, much like the Gaerne Balance Oiled, they work well for anyone that wants lots of control feedback and walkability. They are constructed with excellent nubuck suede leather, a Goodyear welt sole, simple pattern.....and excellent build quality. This model is non-waterproof, which  makes it more breathable in  hot weather riding. 
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Trial anti-slippery/oil rubber sole
  • Thermoformed S.A.S (safety ankle shield) for extra protection
  • Rear dented heel cup to facilitate gear change when standing
  • Shaped shin plate with air ventilation pockets
  • Personalised suede leather heat protector
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Replaceable/adjustable GH plastic buckles
  • Padded inner lining
  • Polyurethane nylon reinforcements
  • Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam
  • I.S.S (incorporated Steel Shank)
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with APS (Air Pump System)
BRAND: Forma

Customer Reviews

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Tom Brantley
Comfy with Good Protection

Well first off, Atomic Moto rocks...had a little trouble selecting the perfect boot for me since I was looking for something that had reasonable protection but yet was comfortable for riding all day and for taking short hikes off of the bike plus I wanted "cool" since it is always hot in Florida :). Atomic Moto recommended the Forma Boulder and they hit the nail on the head. Had to try two different sizes but in the end the Forma sizing guide worked the best for me: I have worn several Alpinestars and several Gaerne in the past with the GX-1 being a great bang for your buck but the Forma Boulder is more comfortable, cooler (breathes better) than the others while only giving up a little bit in the protection department. They did take a couple hours to break in...were a little tight to start with but the Form sizing guide worked in the long run. Well worth the break in time and the price :). Thank YOU Atomic Moto.

Ok Boot

I had my choices narrowed down to this and the Gaerne because of the flat welt sole construction and wider toe box. Picked this one for both the wife and I as it had many good reviews about the width, was less expensive than the Gaerne and was claimed to have a stiffer sole than the Gaerne. The main purpose is for dual sport riding.

The boot is well made. Buckles work very well. Sizing was spot on based on our euro size. They look good too, very much like a work boot to the casual observation with regular pants.

Not as wide as the reviews made them sound. They are good in the sense the heel is not ridiculous in order to get a wider forefoot but these could be wider up front for both of us. For reference we both normally wear either Lems or Xero shoes 95% of the time. OF course this is individual specific and just our experience. They also have zero resemblance of trying to keep water out. Skipped the waterproof because of the Texas heat but even water puddles or river crossings with just the splash result in wet feet, however they have kept mud and dirt out.

Would I recommend, yes, if your budget puts you in this price range and you don't need any more width. But if more budget or more width, then pony up and get the Gaerne Balance/G All Terrain. I had tried on the G All Terrain and they felt great. Will be getting a pair in the future. Most importantly will be purchasing from Atomic Moto. Service here is the best I have had in a long time.

Andy Olerud
Forma Boulder

These boots are a bit snug in the forefoot area but seem to be loosening up after wearing for a few hours. Quality seems pretty good. Customer service is great.

Forma Boulder review

Pretty stiff new calf is tight for me can't wear my usual knee/shin guards definitely made for slender legs. Toe box is pretty good. Really like the solid feel of the sole.

Luke F
Very pleased

This is my first set of real motorcycle boots as I've always worn hikers in the past I ride an 83 bmw r80 commuting and on off road trips. I was looking at the balance pro-techs but after talking to Brian we decided the boulder would suit my needs better. I wasn't concerned with waterproofing (i'd rather have something that breathes) and I haven't really gotten these boots wet yet so I can't speak to that aspect of them. I am very impressed with how comfortable they are to walk around in I have been wearing them to work and aside from being a bit warm they are comfortable all day. I did replace the insoles I'll never understand why the boots in this price range don't come with decent insoles it makes such a huge difference. I recently got a plated wr400 and I want to start riding more trails but I will probably get another set of boots for that as these don't offer as much ankle support as an mx boot. In the meantime I am wearing an ankle brace inside the boot per Brians recommendation. My only regret is waiting so long to get them.