Forma Terra Evo Dry Boots

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The Forma Terra Evo boots have raised the game again for Adventure Motorcycle Riders. Terra Evo Dry Boots has a revised mechanical hinge at the ankle, with more support and more secure attachment to the boot. This gives serious riders more protection and confidence, moving closer to the support of an off road boot. However, the Terra Evo is lighter and easy to walk in.

Note: The Terra Evo Dry is a new name for the Terra Evo X. They are the exact same boot.

Of course they retain the good features of the previous Forma Terra: waterproof, welt sole, great fit. They have use a premium oil tanned leather, a very rigid lugged WELT sole, lots of protective inserts, and fully waterproof construction.   They bridge the ground between easy-walking waterproof adventure boots, and protective MX boots perhaps better than any other Adventure boot, and do not cost an arm and a femur (ha ha). On top of that, they still have Forma's outstanding build quality and durability.  They are an outstanding choice for big adventure bikes riding on  dirt.

  • DRYTEX waterproof breathable membrane with 1 year warranty
  • 12 months WARRANTY if purchased in the USA.
  • Oiled Full-Grain leather upper.
  • Lugged anti-slip sole.
  • Mid-sole has metal shank for support on the pegs
  • External plastic protection including Shin and ankle TPU protection.
  • Unbreakable Alloy buckles.
  • Extra soft internal padding.  
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable insole.
  • Optional stainless steel toe caps.
BRAND: Forma

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Tarquini
Follow up Review

I have had an opportunity to ride over 300 miles in these boots. They are breaking in nicely. One of these rides was 200 miles and involved some off pavement riding. These boots are comfortable for all day use. The soles give really great grip on all surfaces and they inspire confidence. It takes a little time to adjust to shifting with them, but that is to be expected. I had to do some walking and they are fine as long as it isn't a multi-mile hike. The only issue I had was the top buckle unbuckled on the top right boot when I mounted the bike twice. That was probably my fault. They are not optimal for running around the city, but that is not what they are designed for. I will be looking for another boot for casual riding. Overall they are a great touring boot that can be worn for hours and offer really good protection. I expect they will get even better with more use. I would recommend them and buy them again. High quality at a fair price. Thanks Brian for the advice!

Vincent Tarquini
Very nice boot and equally great service

I recently purchased a BMW R1200 GSA. My past motorcycle was Victory Vision. Last year I underwent surgery for a broken 5th metatarsal on my right foot due to a freak drop of the Victory. Lost 3 months of work and riding. After purchasing the GSA, I decided to get proper foot protection right up front. After asking about my riding style and intentions, I ultimately ended up with this Forma model. I wore them for 8 hours last night and the fit is perfect at a 13. They protect all of the key areas I am concerned about and while not ballerina shoes, have been surprising comfortable to walk around the house with. Brian's recommendation is a home run and he really knows boots. I should be getting out for a days ride soon involving some rough roads and off pavement. I feel much safer knowing I have the right boot for the job. I will update later after I get some miles with these boots, but my gut tells me they will be great.

Yes, Bomber

I bought both these boots and the Gaerne Dakar boots to see which ones fit better and provided the protection I was looking for. And the answer was the Terra Evos. The fit is right, I wear a size 11 and I purchased size 45. There is a bit of volume that you might want to soak up by replacing the stock insert with an aftermarket one, which I did. Also note these boots are tall and beefy at the top. Depending on the cut of your riding pants, your pant leg may be pretty snug around the top of the boot. In sum, these boots fit great, are super comfortable, provide the protection I was looking for, and the customer service was great.

Evan Gaspar
Excellent boots, great customer service!

Fantastic boots with excellent protection, the materials used and welt sole exemplify a high degree of handmade quality that will last a long time with hard use. Brian at Atomic was incredibly helpful and helped guide me in choosing this product over another that was offered, in my past experience the Atomic team has always been helpful and experts in their product offerings. Can't say enough positive things about Atomic and the product they carry!

Tom Clark
Pretty much bomb-proof

I bought my Forma Terra EVO X boots in the fall of 2020. Wore them through the winter to help break them in, then rode with them here and there in 2021 to get used to them. But the full test came with my fall 3400 mile trip to do the COBDR in September 2021. Rain, snow, mud, water, dirt, etc. The full torture test including a potential injury. I can't tell you how glad I am to have chosen these boots. They are certainly stiffer than my last pair and a bit taller. But they are easy walking boots. Not slippers mind you, but they don't hurt my feet to be walking around in them. Very comfortable to walk in and when we had to ride and push through mud - no problem. Water crossings, also no problem including wading through to check out the best path. My feet stayed nice and dry - and I mean absolutely dry. My potential injury was when I fell against a steep bank and the bike pinned my foot unfortunately pointing backwards. But there was no damage at all to my foot and I credit these boots for that. Brian is right: buy the most protective boot you are comfortable riding in. For me, these boots are it and I couldn't be happier.