Gaerne Fastback Boots

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The Gaerne Fastback is a WINNER. This boot was in the Gaerne line a few years ago, but they brought it back with some big refinements and did it at a smoking price. The Fastback has most of the features of the SG-10 boot, such as a mechanical hinge, adjustable calf, and a wide fit. Extensive plastic offers great protection while that amazing Gaerne fit gives outstanding comfort.

  • Wide Fit
  • Wrap around ankle hinge system.
  • Alloy buckles.
  • Heavy duty burn guard.
  • Typical Gaerne quality and durability.
SKU: 480-50006
BRAND: Gaerne

Customer Reviews

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Quality boots. Reasonable price.

You can see and feel the quality in every part of this boot. Buckles are especially great. Surprising at this price point. I expect to be wearing these for a long time to come. Normally wear 10.5 shoe, but the 10 boots fit just right.

Amazing boots! Followed by amazing customer service!

These boots feel very good! I definitely feel like I got my moneys worth in value for the amount of protection and comfort they offer. I’ll definitely be buying another pair in the future.
I also want to thank Brian for calling me after I had placed my order. He called me to confirm my order and to see if I had any questions on the boot. He guided me through the sizing to ensure the size I had ordered would fit and even asked me what type of riding I will be doing to make sure the boot fit my needs.
I’m happy he called as this made me feel more comfortable in the purchase I had made. This was a great example of going above and beyond.
Thanks Brian!

Good protection at a good price and pretty comfortable

Watch Brian's youtube videos on this boot (or the enduro version) and you'll see why they're a great buy. I had half a dozen pairs of boots to try, from Alpinestars tech3 all the way up to high-end Sidi, and the fastback felt like by far the best combination of comfort, durability, and protection. The enduro sole wasn't available when I ordered, so I got these. Can't say that'll be a problem (and a welted sole could always be replaced if I wanted more tread.) I wore these at the desk for many days and they felt a bit tight in the ankles but otherwise good. Then I wrapped my ankle in a 3mm neoprene supporter, strapped into the boots, and hit them gently with a heat gun to reform the plastic in those areas a bit. That got me clear. The other thing you should do if you are experiencing a little ankle-bone tightness on one side or the other is shim up your insole. (you'll need an aftermarket insole for these). take off your socks and look at your ankle bones while standing. Now, tilt your foot left or right along it's long axis, just slightly, and look how much your ankle bone shifts right and left. That's enough to make the boot hurt at the ankle bone. Shim insole with a bit of 1/8 felt to even things out and you're golden. (I learned both those tricks from old ski-boot message boards BTW). I'm new to offroad riding, but I used these for an all-day dirtbike course and they were comfortable all day.

Getting back in the dirt after 12 years, these boots are amazing

So while getting back into dirtbikes I tried 3 boots. Sidi x3, astars tech7 and the fastbacks.

The x3 felt real comfy but also felt like a work boot with a shin guard. Not really confidence inspiring.

The tech7 looked great but fit wasn’t for me. 11 was uncomfortably tight and squished my toes. 12 I could swim in. Also I can’t really point a specific point to prove this, but they just seemed more cheaply made than the G’s

Brian was awesome. He took time to weigh the pros and cons of all the boots and direct me towards the fastbacks. After getting them, fit perfectly. Have I’d say the same protection as the tech7 but move a little better. Not to the point where you feel like you’re losing protection tho. I also dig welted soles.

The one thing I did add was better insoles the ones that come in the fastbacks are horrible.

Definitely give these a look!

Amazing Boots - Glad I Got a Size Smaller

Absolutely love these boots! They fit like gloves, no pinching anywhere, just form to feet! They pivot very well when walking, more so than any other boot I've tried...that being said, it does feel as if my leg is able to bend backwards more than other boots as well...whether or not that is a good thing I guess depends on the situation, but a very comfy and solid boot. I replaced the padded inserts (soles) with Dr. Scholl's work gel foam inserts, and that made a world of difference in comfort on the bottom of my feet...highly recommend! As always, the service here is second to none!