Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top

Brand: Giant Loop

Use that space where you would normally carry a passenger and replace it with a useful, 100% waterproof Great Basin Saddlebag. Quickly and easily straps to the passenger footrest mounts and rides on the pillion seat. Constructed from super tough trucker's tarp Bomb Shell™ that's reinforced with ballistic nylon to ensure durability and longevity. Includes a set of three Saddlebag Dry Pods to keep your gear dry and one Hot Springs Heat Shield to prevent any burns from the exhaust. Now you can also carry your gear the way you want to with the Beavertail and floating compression straps which are also mounted separately to allow easier access.
  • Cable lock pass-through to secure bag to bike while parked
  • Reflective accents
  • Military-spec materials and construction
  • Features roll top entry for easy access and enhanced water deflection
  • Made in USA
  • Volume: 68 liters

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