DOGFIGHT - Alpinestars Belize Drystar vs Forma Terra Evo Low


Short Motorcycle Boots Comp

Short Adventure boots are the fastest growing boot category in the moto industry right now. Many riders are looking for boots that offer usability like a casual boot, but with motorcycle-specific features like waterproof-ness, protection, and more rugged materials than casual footwear. For ADV riders this can be tricky, because a lot of the stuff out there looks the part, but is not really designed in a thoughtful way for the more rugged use that ADV requires. 

There are some few good models out there. What makes them "good"? In our thinking, it means a more firm sole for standing on the pegs, and not bending so easily when you smack a rock. Thicker leather that withstands scuffing more, and retains support longer. BUCKLES instead of zippers for clamp force. Most of all, a smart ankle design....since the boots are lower, this area has to be more precisely designed and executed to support the ankle. 

Two of our favorite models are the Alpinestars Belize and the Forma Terra Evo Low. These two tip toward the more rugged side of the category, whereas models like the Forma Adventure Low and Sidi Canyon are more street-oriented. They both are super comfortable, fit true to size, and in our opinion stand above (ha ha) other models from other brands in the category. 

We did a short comparison video on these two models, along with individual summaries of each. Hope you like it, and if you do, please subscribe to our channel,


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  • Brian Price