Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots

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Gaerne Balance Oiled boots are an incredible piece of gear. They blend super high quality materials with great fit, good protection, and just enough flex to comfortably wear and walk in, all day.

Gaerne probably has the best fit in the world, and the comfort of these is outstanding. The entire upper of the boot is made from 5 pieces, so very few seams. This allows the boot to crease without pressure points. They have a wide toebox, and are great for people with wide feet.

Balance Oileds have a world class quality that is hard to describe. Everything about them - materials, assembly, fit, styling - has a craftsmanship, a tangible feel of quality.  They are impressive in that same way of an expensive watch, aluminum machined parts, etc.
  • Incredible comfort
  • Super-high quality full grain oil-tanned leather - among the best in the world
  • Wide toebox - great for wide footed riders
  • 3 alloy replaceable buckles
  • Waterproof / breathable Drytech liner
  • Gum rubber sole for grip and easy walking
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BRAND: Gaerne

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable boots, but they leak.

I've worn the Gaerne Balance boots for the past 4 years. They are extremely comfortable, but due to the lack of a shift pad they began to leak after a year. I put a couple layers of Tuff Toe where the shifter meets the boot, that lasted a couple years. Now the boots leak again and it's time to retire them.
My next boots will have Gore-Tex and a shift pad.

Five Stars and One Asterisk

The usual review of the GBO's says: "Super comfortable, high-quality materials and construction, but limited protection." I agree with all that. I bought them for knocking-about, light hiking, and my pandemic daily woods walk. The asterisk: I WOULD NOT RIDE IN THEM, due to the limited protection. A plastic shin plate and ankle padding don't make for a protective boot. Atomic-Moto sells plenty of more-protective boots, at least twelve at a lower price point than the GBO's. Don't wait until you are in the ER to decide that your boots aren't up to the job.
Random observations: Often touted as having a wide toe box, I am happy to report that they fit my narrow-ish (C/D width) feet just fine. The sizing seems accurate; I ordered my usual 14/49 size, and they are fine. Straps are fiddly, and the buckles pop open now and then until you get them adjusted properly. Not a deal breaker. It's useful to know that the upper alloy strap holder pivots to help align the strap and buckle. My Dickies dungarees fit over just fine, or tuck in. Can't comment on the waterproof membrane, as I live in Mary Austin's "Land of Little Rain." Before you order these, remember the Bombers' dictum: "Wear as much boot as you are willing to tolerate." If these are all you can tolerate, be sure you ride a bike you can pick up with one hand (trials? pedal?). Mull it over, get BP's input, and you won't go wrong. The one asterisk is your own, though.

Good Boots

This is my first pair of dedicated motorcycle adventure touring boots. They seem well made and are pretty comfortable after I got the buckles adjusted properly. I like the stability of the boots and the increased protection over my old Chippewa Engineer boots. I haven't had them in water yet but I think they will work well in the rain.

adventure rider

Just got the boots in the mail. Very happy great boot soft leather but has enough protection for the type of riding I do . Got the size 44.5 I am usually am a size 44 or 43 in the eccho brand if that helps anyone.

If you're looking for a Trials specific boot look no further!

I recently started riding motorcycle trials and needed a more flexible boot than my moto boots. At my first club event I noticed a lot of folks in these boots. Everyone had great feedback on their comfort. One rider even used them in the Scottish Six Day Trial right up of the box. They are billed by many as the only true waterproof trials boot although our SSDT friend would disagree. Function - These boots performed flawlessly day one. Super comfy to stand in and you can walk comfortably for a long time. They climb just as good as any hiking boot thanks to the sticky sole. Peg feel was unbelievably dexterous (albeit my first trials boot). I competed in a two day trial in steady rain and my feet stayed bone dry. My secret was over the boot pants but rest assured I stood in ankle deep water several times walking sections that day. A little newspaper in them at night took care of any residual dampness form sweat. Fit - I wear a size 13 in my Sidi Crossfire TAs Alpinestar road boots and street shoes. These fit true to size. I got a small hot spot where the boot flexes on the outer right ankle but that's not uncommon for me. Protection - They're not a moto boot nor are they designed to be. There's some minimal shin protection behind the logo otherwise it's just thick leather with some padding. Having caught a peg on top of the foot a few times it's not terrible. What you gain in flexibility you lose in protection but that's obvious. If you're weighing if they're worth spending the extra $$$ I'd say they have been for me. Brian had some great input buy from Atomic when you decide to pull the trigger. They're good folks!