Alpinestars BNS Tech 2 Neck Support

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The Bionic Neck Support Tech 2 is designed to help prevent injury in a crash situation by dissipating and diverting impact forces away from the neck and spine. The BNS functions when the riders helmet makes contact with the frame at the moment of a crash, thus providing a surface to instantly channel impact energy away from the neck and on to the BNS. Featuring Alpinestars exclusive and revolutionary rear stabilizer for progressive force relief (PFR) the BNS Tech 2 is designed for use in motocross and off-road riding. Offers a highly personalized and stable fit.

  • NEW: Complete design ; technical upgrade including new lightweight rear and chest padding and updated chin plate design
  • Now less weight than its predecessors.
  • Interchangeable EVA foam pads allow compatibility with body protection systems.
  • Rear stabilizer dissipates energy loads by transmitting them across the back and shoulders and away from spine 
  • Frame construction promotes improved contact with helmet during impact “ including rear support edge that fits closer to the body.
  • Extra width to account for different helmet sizes and raised chest to reduce hyper- flexion.
  • BNS TECH-2 is constructed from an advanced, high-performance fiber polymer compound
  • Innovative quick-release locking system for rapid and efficient fitting/removal offers secure and convenient closure.
  • Compressed EVA foam compound padding to distribute the impact force over the widest area, yet remain lightweight.
  • Structural integrity and frame strength against heavy impact energies during a crash.
  • Ultra-lightweight performance and comfort while riding.
  • Bold New graphics corresponding to Alpinestars MX collection. 'Cause we all love bold new graphics, right?
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