Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boots - Yep.....ENDURO Boots


"Off road boots" are basically motocross boots, painted with a broader name brush. Same basic features, construction, etc. Thing is, most of the people who buy MX boots do not use them for motocross. But, motorcycle gear product managers are often too preoccupied with the perfect angle on their flatbill hat to care.

Not so with the PMs at Gaerne. The Italian manufacturer has a laser focus on all segments of motorcycle boots. Case in point: the Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boot.

The Gaerne Fastback Enduro boot has subtle but important differences from the regular Gaerne Fastback. The colors are a little more subtle, and the sole has a lugged pattern on the bottom. This pattern gives the rider more grip when off the bike, and walking on loose terrain. Yet, because the sole is a hybrid design, it still allows easy movement on the footpegs. 

The rest of the boot is also awesome. Mechanical hinge, wide fit, light weight, and (we get tired of saying it) Gaerne quality. We feel it is the most competitive mid-priced boot available.

We liked these boots so much, that we took them out for a field review, and then added them to our gear stash. The Field Review video is below, and more product info is here: Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boots by Atomic-Moto

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  • Brian Price