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Sidi X-Power Boots

We are constantly looking for features that differentiate gear. Sometimes that is difficult, as most gear is actually pretty good. Occasionally though, brands just nail it. Such is the case with these Sidi X-Power boots....perhaps the best boot in Sidi's line. 

Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boots - Yep.....ENDURO Boots

"Off road boots" are basically motocross boots, painted with a broader name brush. Same basic features, construction, etc. Not so with the Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boot.

Gaerne Dakar GTX Boots - Are these the new Adventure Boot King?

The Gaerne Dakar GTX is a new flagship Adventure Riding boot model from Gaerne.  It plays at the upper end of the market and has a fantastic list of features: Gore-Tex, a lugged WELT sole, terrific leather, a mechanically hinged ankle, and that wide, comfortable, awesome Gaerne fit.

Gaerne Dakar boots

In a Past Life: Our Lead Bomber

Prior to building Atomic-Moto, our Lead BOMBER, Brian Price, spent decades creating some of of the best motorcycle products, for some of the most famous brands in the motorcycle industry. This experience gave him a great foundation for Atomic-Moto, but also seemed to have been a heck of a good time.