Everyone needs a Makita 36v 14 inch Cordless Chainsaw.

The idea of needing a chainsaw to carry on your bike is absurd to about 85% of the riders in the US. IMO, about another 10% more can grasp it, but lugging an odd shaped 15 pound tool with you ain’t worth the trouble. The remaining 5% think it makes perfect sense. I am now part of that last bucket.

Makita Chain Saw

The Codes We Ride By

I ride with lots of different people, but I have a core group of 5 - 10 people who are my regular riding buds. We have a wide variance in skill level and bike type. But, we subscribe to a clear, similar, yet undiscussed set of rules. In other words, riding etiquette.

There is still some great motorcycle journalism left, or, HEY check out UPSHIFT Magazine

A while back, an industry colleague from the motocross side of the business named Simon Cudby launched a new Adventure oriented publication called UPSHIFT Magazine.

Motorcycle Adventure Riding in Iceland

Tips on Finding your Motorcycle Boot Size by Atomic-Moto

The BOMBERS work hard at helping riders get THE RIGHT GEAR. Part of that Mission is helping you get the correct size. In this video, we have some t...