Everyone needs a Makita 36v 14 inch Cordless Chainsaw.

The idea of needing a chainsaw to carry on your bike is absurd to about 85% of the riders in the US. IMO, about another 10% more can grasp it, but lugging an odd shaped 15 pound tool with you ain’t worth the trouble. The remaining 5% think it makes perfect sense. I am now part of that last bucket.

Makita Chain Saw

The Codes We Ride By

I ride with lots of different people, but I have a core group of 5 - 10 people who are my regular riding buds. We have a wide variance in skill level and bike type. But, we subscribe to a clear, similar, yet undiscussed set of rules. In other words, riding etiquette.

There is still some great motorcycle journalism left, or, HEY check out UPSHIFT Magazine

A while back, an industry colleague from the motocross side of the business named Simon Cudby launched a new Adventure oriented publication called UPSHIFT Magazine.

Motorcycle Adventure Riding in Iceland

Tips on Finding your Motorcycle Boot Size by Atomic-Moto

The BOMBERS work hard at helping riders get THE RIGHT GEAR. Part of that Mission is helping you get the correct size. In this video, we have some tips to help you find your boot size.

What makes someone a "good rider"?

Our Lead BOMBER editorializes into his Contour on the topic of fast riders, smart riders, and smart, fast riders.

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