Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boots - Yep.....ENDURO Boots

"Off road boots" are basically motocross boots, painted with a broader name brush. Same basic features, construction, etc. Not so with the Gaerne Fastback Enduro Boot.

Revisted: Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot Review

I grew up riding dirt bikes, and my brain's default boot is an MX boot. But, for my much loved Triumph Scrambler, motocross boots are overkill. For that bike, I need something looks cool, feels like a real boot, but is comfortable on and off the bike. Enter the Gaerne Balance Oiled Boot. 

Klim Dakar Jacket - Perfect for Dual Sport?

Dual sport riders need a good jacket in their gear selection. However, many riders shopping for a DS jacket make an small yet critical miscalculation in their search: they “over gear”....meaning they choose motorcycle riding gear that is too heavy and too hot for the physical riding that their bikes are capable of.

Dual Sport or Adventure?

ADV riders, Dual Sport riders, and dirt bike riders need to choose gear based on their particular type of riding mission. However, there is no accepted definition of what separates an “Adventure" bike from a “Dual Sport" bike from a “plated dirt bike” (PDB in our lingo). This is probably due to the fact that no two people can agree on this. But, The BOMBERS, being the problem solvers they are, set about to create our own.

What is a dual sport bike?