The Codes We Ride By

I ride with lots of different people, but I have a core group of 5 - 10 people who are my regular riding buds. We have a wide variance in skill level and bike type. But, we subscribe to a clear, similar, yet undiscussed set of rules. In other words, riding etiquette.

What makes someone a "good rider"?

Our Lead BOMBER editorializes into his Contour on the topic of fast riders, smart riders, and smart, fast riders.

The Hand of Fate

A theme in adventure riding is things going wrong, and having a better time because of it. We have all been there…broken bikes, getting lost, even minor injuries are all part of the ironic fun. As we ride more and more, we develop a sort of “I got this” state of mind.  But occasionally, things can very quickly turn. Saturday, May 30, 2015, was one of those times.