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Alpinestars Belize Review

The Alpinestars Belize Drystar Boot is a comfortable shorty boot with real ankle support. Watch the vid to see our take on it.

DOGFIGHT - Alpinestars Belize Drystar vs Forma Terra Evo Low

Klim Dakar Jacket - Perfect for Dual Sport?

Dual sport riders need a good jacket in their gear selection. However, many riders shopping for a DS jacket make an small yet critical miscalculation in their search: they “over gear”....meaning they choose motorcycle riding gear that is too heavy and too hot for the physical riding that their bikes are capable of.

Everyone needs a Makita 36v 14 inch Cordless Chainsaw.

The idea of needing a chainsaw to carry on your bike is absurd to about 85% of the riders in the US. IMO, about another 10% more can grasp it, but lugging an odd shaped 15 pound tool with you ain’t worth the trouble. The remaining 5% think it makes perfect sense. I am now part of that last bucket.

Makita Chain Saw