2014 Dakar Photo Contest

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We love all forms of racing, but…The BOMBERS really love the Dakar Rally. Dakar is much, much more than a race, it is bizarre event that encompasses strategy, preparation, navigation, endurance, logistics, teamwork, customs, really cool bikes, AND speed. Compared to other motorsport events, it has a tiny, almost non-existent following. BUT….that tiny group is hard-core, rabid and growing.

To celebrate “The DACK-arrr” we have partnered with one of the most prevalent sponsors of Dakar competitors, LS2 helmets. LS2 sponsors literally dozens of Dakar racers with their MX456 helmet, including race winner Cyril Despres. This year, LS2 and Atomic-Moto are giving away 5 – yep, that was FIVE – LS2 off road, modular, or dual sport helmets to five lucky riders.

Here is how it works: Go out with your motorcycle, preferably on a ride, BUT....since it is January, if you are under 3 feet of snow, just get with your bike in some way that is interesting, funny, hardcore, ironic, etc. Take your most awesome epic photo of yourself, holding a picture or drawing that says "DAKAR" in a readable size. Email that photo and your contact info with "DAKAR PHOTO CONTEST" in the subject line to orders@atomic-moto.com or post it to our Facebook page. It should look something like these epic examples from Captain HOPPER:

If we like it, we will give you a FREE helmet of your choice, in your size. FREE.  

Five ways to Win:

Since we have FIVE helmets to give away, we came up with FIVE different categories to enter. We will choose a winning photo for each of the following categories:
  1. Clearly I would smoke that DesPres fool and take his factory ride
  2. Most Scenic Location
  3. Best Homage to the Dakar Rally
  4. Most Clever / Most Funny
  5. Best Overall Photo

How it Works:
  • You and your motorcycle must be out on a RIDE. Long one, short one, as long as your bike and some internal combustion is involved.
  • You must have the sign, and it must be IN the picture. No Photoshopping please.
  • Photo needs to be taken between 1/5/14 and 1/19/14
  • Submit Photos via email to orders@atomic-moto.com or to our Atomic-Moto Facebook page.
  • Contest winners will be announced Friday, January 24th.

Our Goal:

The goals of this are to have some fun, get people stoked on riding, to meet some more cool people, etc. Somewhere down the list, we also need to promote our business, and would love your help. We would really appreciate it if you did any (or all) of the following:
  • Tell your friends about us
  • Like us on our Atomic-Moto Facebook Page. Better yet, share our posts.
  • Post up a link to us on your favorite forum or message board.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube page
  • Sign up for our email list. We won’t bombard you with SPAM. Promise.
  • Tell your friends about us

Some tips:
  • We know that we are asking you to work for it a bit…..but the best things in life are not easy, and the easy things in life are quickly forgotten.
  • Make it INTERESTING in some way. That can be any one of several things: inspiring, funny, scenic, cool, unique, ironic, odd, different.
  • Contestants can send in a max of 5 photos.
  • You don’t have to pick a category, but you can suggest if you want.
  • Please…..don’t go crazy with the res…..

The fine print:
  • You MUST be a BOMBER: have a registered email with us, or have purchased from us, liked us on Facebook, or all of the above. In other words, SOMETHING that shows you are a real BOMBER.
  • You cannot work for Atomic-Moto, any of our vendors, be a BOMBER Captain, be related to anyone that works for Atomic-Moto, or anything that would potentially create a bias.
  • You have to be the owner of the photo. By submitting a photo to us, you warrant that you are the sole, complete, and rightful owner of the image, and that no additional copyright or usage restrictions apply.
  • We will probably use your pics in other places. Therefore, by submitting a photo to us, you grant Atomic-Moto permanent non-exclusive usage license for commercial purposes.
  • Prizes will be shipped free to winners in the lower 48 US states only. Contestants in AK, HI, and outside the US are eligible, but they will be responsible for freight if they win.
  • Exchanges are no problem. However all freight costs associated are the responsibility of the contestant.
For more info, please contact us here.


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